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Zoom is a unified solution for meetings, webinars, chat, whiteboard, phone calling, events, and more.

Cloud9 Data is the leading distributor for Zoom. How we can help:

  • Discounted Pricing: Thanks to our substantial volume, we secure you pricing below retail rates. Plus, you'll contract directly with Zoom, ensuring transparency and trust.
  • Easier Buying Process: Leverage our 22 years experience to help sift through the noise and get a solution that matches your business needs and can grow with you. We are also readily available and quick to respond.
  • Extra Support: We have services team that can help provide implementation, routing configuration, & user training. In addition, we have dedicated support POCs at Zoom for post sale support that are not available to retail clients.
Zoom Pricing

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Why Buy Zoom Through Cloud9Data Solutions?

Zoom Reseller Partner

We have 22 years experience providing unified communications and collaboration solutions to over 2,100+ Enterprise and Government Clients.

Leverage Our Expertise

We assess your organization's specific needs and recommend the best-fit solution, ensuring a seamless integration with your existing infrastructure and workflows.

Access to Off-Book Rates

Our scale and volume with providers have their advantages. One is being in a negotiation position where we champion preferential rates for our clientele.

Vendor Neutral

More choices. More options. More say. Our relationships and scale allow us to pick, combine, and select what works for the needs and challenges of your organization.

Extra Support

We  wrap around adoption and training delivering more bang for the buck. Taking that workload off your plate.


How Will Zoom Enhance Your Communications?

Unleash the full power of Zoom and allow your employees the full UCassS experience, including Zoom meetings, phone, Zoom Rooms, webinars, events, endless integration, and so much more.

Zoom Meeting Pricing

Zoom Meetings

Zoom Meetings brings teams together with face-to-face video, screen sharing, chat, captioning, and more.

Supercharge collaboration, and create an engaging meeting experience with HD video and audio for up to 1,000 participants and 49 videos on screen.

  • Easily schedule, start, or join meetings across any device
  • Engagement features including filters, polls, emojis, hand raising, and music
  • Meeting recordings and searchable transcripts
  • Streamlined calendaring
  • Team chat
  • Robust security

Zoom Webinars and Zoom Sessions allow you to focus on the message and avoid interruptions, enable registration, designate speakers, and take Q&A from your audience while delivering an engaging presentation to your audience.

  • Scales up to 50,000 attendees
  • Robust registration & ticketing
  • Engage your audience with chat, Q&A, polls, quizzes, and emoji reactions.
  • Custom branding with company logos, colors, wallpaper, virtual backgrounds, and more
  • Seamless 3rd party integrations with CRMs, education resources, games, etc.
  • Hi-fidelity webinar recordings

Zoom Events

All-in-one virtual and hybrid event platform.

Everything in Zoom Sessions plus:

  • Conduct multi-day events with concurrent sessions
  • Exhibit booths
  • Networking features that enable virtual attendees to make live connections
  • Dedicated area for sponsors and content
  • High-end production and branding capabilities

Power your voice communications with Zoom's cloud phone solution with secure call routing, call queues, SMS, E911, elevate calls to meetings, and much more.

Whether your users are remote, back in the office, or in a hybrid work environment, Zoom Phone can be tailored to the specific needs of your company or agency with a range of calling plans and international calling capabilities. Want to keep your existing carrier? No problem, Zoom Phone can integrate with existing carrier services almost anywhere in the world. Learn more>

Zoom Rooms

Bring meeting spaces online with Zoom Rooms.

  • One touch (easy) to join
  • HD video and audio
  • No cords needed (wireless sharing from your laptop or mobile device)
  • Interoperability

Zoom Contact Center helps you deliver prompt, accurate, and highly personalized customer experiences that drive loyalty.

  • Omnichannel Contact Center
  • Intelligent call routing
  • Empower agents with one app for customer engagement and real-time access to back-office experts
  • Improve responsiveness
  • Reduce cost and complexity with one easy-to-use administration portal for contact center and collaboration tool
Zoom IQ for Sales

Don't miss out on valuable insights hidden within your customer interactions. With Zoom IQ for Sales, uncover key metrics like talk-listen ratio, talking speed, and good questions to enhance seller performance and create unforgettable customer experiences.

Zoom Pricing

Our scale and volume with providers have their advantages. We secure you Business & Enterprise pricing below MSRP. Plus, you'll contract directly with Zoom, ensuring transparency and trust.

Click on a Zoom product below for pricing and further information.

Zoom Phone Pricing

Local phone, long distance, and international calling via a Cloud Phone System. Perfect for hybrid work.

Zoom Webinars & Events Pricing

Zoom Webinars, Sessions, & Events facilitate highly engaging digital meetings, trainings, and events.

Zoom Contact Center Pricing

The ultimate cloud-based solution offering seamless omnichannel support for your customers.

Zoom Meetings Pricing

Zoom Pro Zoom Business Zoom Enterprise
Price starts at $14.99/mo. starts at $19.99/mo. contact us for pricing
Participants 100 300 500
License count: users can be assigned meetings licenses 1-9 10-99 >250
Meeting duration 30 hours 30 hours 30 hours
Recording Local & 5 GB cloud Local & 5 GB cloud Local & Unlimited cloud
Screen sharing + + +
Breakout rooms + + +
Virtual background + + +
Host controls + + +
Co-Annotation on screen share + + +
Remote keyboard & mouse Control + + +
Multi-share + + +
End-to-end encryption for Zoom Meeting + + +
Enterprise-grade security features + + +
Polling + + +
Streaming: Facebook, YouTube + + +
Reporting + + +
User management + + +
Admin portal + +
Recording transcripts + +
Branding + +
Managed domains + +
Language interpretations + +
Includes Zoom Webinar +
Zoom Whiteboards 3 Unlimited Unlimited

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“The best part about working with Communique was the leveraging their experience navigating all of the various options for Zoom! Even if we just had a simple question they were  always quick to reply and help us get an answer. Beyond that, Communique also helped us get volume discounts on our license purchase."

Kristen M.

"After doing much research for platforms for our company to handle unified communication, Communique quickly rose to the top. The support team is fantastic and accessible at a moment's notice - huge benefit!"

Justin C.

“This was our first time organizing a hybrid event and we were a  little nervous about how the platform would handle the load but we were pleased to see that things went smoothly. The platform is easy-to-use and we received very positive feedback from our attendees."

Felecia S.


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