Transforming Technology in Automotive Retail: A Case Study on IT and Cybersecurity Excellence

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Comprehensive IT and Cybersecurity Solution for a Leading Automotive Dealership Holding Company

A prominent automotive dealership group, with revenues surpassing $800MM, a workforce of 2,000, and 16 locations, possessed an extensive IT framework. Despite having a sizable IT team of 15, the company struggled to navigate the fast-paced IT changes and complexities arising from numerous acquisitions.

Auto Dealership Case Study

Challenges Faced

  • Fragmented communication and collaboration tools.
  • Intricate tech shifts during mergers and acquisitions.
  • An obsolete and unreliable network system.
  • Escalating cybersecurity risks.
  • Inadequate technical support structure.
  • Varied conferencing platforms.
  • Outdated hardware leading to rising costs.
  • On-site servers causing frequent downtime and high capital outlays.
  • Multiple user logins posing security risks.
  • Antiquated telephony systems.
  • Absence of a visionary technology plan.

Solutions Deployed by Cloud9Data Solutions

  1. Platform Enhancement:
  • Unified various platforms under one Microsoft 365 tenant.
  • Boosted employee mobility across dealerships, refining brand transitions and amplifying productivity.
  1. Mergers & Acquisitions:  A swift technology transition is implemented within 48-72 hours during acquisitions, guaranteeing uninterrupted operations.
  1. Network Revamp:
  • Switched from Peplink tools to the more dependable Meraki suite.
  • Rolled out SDWAN, integrating vital dealership apps.
  1. Cybersecurity Enhancements:
  • Strengthened cybersecurity with MFA, round-the-clock SOC service, and SIEM.
  • Endpoint detection and response: Adopted Microsoft Intune, automating IT functions, refining processes, and bolstering security.
  • Merged SSO with a hybrid Active Directory, improving security and user interface.
  1. Technical Support: Established a dedicated tech support desk, improving efficiency and promptness.
  1. Hardware Update: Launched a standardization program for equipment, minimizing downtime and simplifying repairs.
  1. Migration to Cloud: Executed P2V transitions, saving $250,000 in capital costs, minimizing downtime, and elevating productivity.
  1. Telephony Revamp: Embraced Cloud Phone and modern Contact Center solutions, ensuring faster customer interactions across channels.
  2. Strategic IT Planning: Rolled out a 5-year tech blueprint, detailed budget projections, quarterly assessments, and yearly vendor talks, setting the stage for sustained growth.


  • Cost Efficiency: Marked savings through hardware optimization, platform refinement, and IT process enhancements.
  • Boosted Efficiency: Smooth transitions and refined IT operations led to increased productivity.
  • Strengthened Security: Holistic cybersecurity initiatives significantly cut down breach and data loss risks.
  • Integrated IT Framework: Achieved a unified and streamlined IT setup through platform and network overhauls.
  • Future Preparedness: The Strategic IT Planning service equipped the dealership with a blueprint for ongoing growth and tech evolution.


Cloud9 Data Solutions comprehensive approach transformed the IT landscape of the automotive dealership group. The bespoke solutions tackled present-day challenges and set the stage for a tech-savvy future, positioning the company as a leader in the automotive dealership sector.

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