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Cloud9 Data offers a range of regulatory sensibly priced compliance services

With 22+ years of experience, our qualified professionals help guide you through the ever-changing regulatory environment, taking into account the specific complexities and unique compliance needs of your firm.

Why Use Cloud9 Data's Compliance Consulting Services?

Cybersecurity programs that are obligated to meet compliance requirements are complicated and difficult to implement, particularly in corporate cultures that aren’t used to strict security measures. This causes many organizations to invest more than is needed to achieve certification and at the same time, can lead some employees to circumvent policies to ease their workflow, creating massive security gaps.

We help organizations of all sizes acheive cybersecurity compliance, address security gaps, and save you time and money improving your cybersecurity posture.

  • Access to a pool of experts
  • Work as an extension of your team and resources
  • Benchmark towards industry best practices
  • Bespoke engagements to fit your unique requirements

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Our Compliance Solutions

Compliance Consulting

Compliance consulting is a service that helps organizations ensure they meet regulation obligations. This can involve reviewing and updating policies and procedures, conducting cybersecurity risk assessments, penetration testing, and providing cyber awareness and phishing training for employees. We also help you stay up to date on new regulations.

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Compliance as a Service

Compliance as a Service (CaaS) enables companies in regulated industries to manage your compliance obligations. By outsourcing your compliance functions to Cloud9 Data, you can save money, focus on core operations, and ensuring alignment to regulations.

Key benefits:

  • Proactive compliance support
  • Cost savings
  • Streamlined process
  • Improved risk management
  • Better data protection

Outsourced Chief Compliance Officer

With Cloud9 Data, we can assist with implementing policies and procedures that ensure compliance, while also protecting the culture and success of your company.

An Outsourced CCO can develop and manage compliance policies, provide leadership for an inexperienced compliance team, plan strategy for regulation changes and more.

  • Risk and gap analysis
  • Compliance risk assessments and audits
  • Compliance reporting
  • Compliance education and awareness
  • Filing notices
  • Create compliance calendars
regulatory compliance consulting companies
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CMMC Consulting

Cloud9 Data helps DoD suppliers understand and meet the requirements of CMMC. Our experts make sure you have the right cybersecurity systems, processes, and procedures in place to get certified and keep sensitive information save.

  • CMMC readiness assessment to measure where you are currently, and gaps needed to pass certification
  • Streamline the compliance process through a clear roadmap to certification. Get step-by-step guidance making the journey faster and less confusing.
  • Penetration testing if needed
  • Employee security awareness training
  • Phishing testing
  • Configuration management
  • CMMC policy templates and procedures

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Cloud9 Data offers a choice of sensitively priced hourly or fixed monthly packages. We can adjust our compliance consultancy involvement as your project progresses or as your security infrastructure evolves.

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