Zoom IQ for Sales Revenue Accelerator

Unlock the power of conversational intelligence for your sales team

Zoom IQ for Sales revenue accelerator uses AI to analyze your sales rep customer interactions to provide valuable insights that will boost seller performance and elevate customer experiences. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to data-driven success.

If you are an existing Zoom customer or if you're AI analytics for the first time, our guide to Zoom IQ Revenue Accelerator is here to assist you. This comprehensive guide will elucidate pricing and plans, feature sets, and integrations.


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Key Features

Zoom IQ for Sales captures and analyzes your customer interactions, providing valuable insights that can be used to improve sales performance and enhance customer experiences. With this software, you can uncover hidden opportunities, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions to drive success.

Unlock Valuable Insights From Every Sales Call

Don't let important details slip through the cracks. With Zoom IQ Revenue Accelerator you can automatically record and transcribe your sales calls, creating meeting summaries with smart chapters. Gain valuable insights from every interaction to improve seller performance and enhance customer experiences.



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Elevate Your Sales Team With Data-Driven Coaching

Improve the performance of your sales team by leveraging data-driven coaching. With Zoom IQ Revenue Accelerator gain meaningful insights from customer interactions to enhance seller performance and deliver exceptional customer experiences. Empower your sales leaders with the tools they need to drive success.

Unlock the Power of Conversation Analytics

Zoom IQ for Sales Revenue Accelerator examines customer interactions, extracting essential insights, actions, and pertinent content from sales meetings.

  • Question Engagement: Evaluates the frequency of customer responses to posed questions.
  • Lengthy Monologues: Identifies the longest speeches to help representatives refine their pitches and avoid prolonged monologues.
  • Clear Next Steps: Assesses whether clear action plans are delineated during the meeting.
  • Patience Level: Determines if representatives patiently await responses after posing questions.
  • Talk-Listen Balance: Analyzes the equilibrium between the lead speaker's talk time and the time allocated to others.
  • Competitor and Feature Mentions: Tags competitors and product features, aiding representatives, competitive analysts, and product teams in delving into prospect concerns, competitive statements, and potential product gaps.

AI also provides sentiment and engagement scores, aiding in deal risk and health evaluations. Additional features encompass transcription highlights, filler word frequency, and speech pace assessment.

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Teams direct routing integrations

CRM and Calendar Integrations

Zoom IQ for Sales Revenue Accelerator has built-in integrations with most CRM and calendar platforms to pass data instantly.

Case Study

Learn how Riverstate International Consulting achieved the best revenue results in company history with help from Zoom’s IQ for Sales Revenue Accelerator conversational intelligence platform.

"The analytics and training capabilities with Zoom Revenue Accelerator are much more complex and better than with any other tool. Zoom offers much more than we expected."

- Marc Wolf, Riverstate CRO

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Zoom IQ Revenue Accelerator Pricing

Zoom IQ for Sales Revenue Accelerator is an add-on to Zoom Meetings and Zoom Phone ranging from $44 - $75/month

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Advantages & Disadvantages of Zoom IQ Revenue Accelerator

Zoom IQ Revenue Accelerator has emerged as an essential instrument for analyzing client interactions, shedding light on sales methodologies and online presentation skills. Leaders have found it beneficial for overseeing prevalent dialogues, subject matters, and questions, in addition to monitoring team communications, times, and feedback.

The strategic insights from Zoom IQ Revenue Accelerator have furnished sales leaders with a competitive edge, arming them with vital data for winning deals.


Valuable Dialogue Analytics: Many users have acknowledged the effectiveness of the dialogue analytics offered by ZoomIQ. Numerous critiques highlight its ability to provide insights into aspects like talk speed and verbal dynamics, particularly useful for sales teams in analyzing the balance of conversation between them and their clients. This functionality aids in monitoring key phrases, honing sales tactics, and gaining a deeper comprehension of their sales progression and channels.Documenting Follow-up Actions: Users note that ZoomIQ is adept at recording subsequent actions from discussions, a crucial aspect for maintaining a comprehensive log of interactions with potential clients. This attribute is instrumental in keeping the sales force well-coordinated, guaranteeing that critical elements aren't overlooked. It bolsters sales efficiency by simplifying the response mechanism and aids in elevating the proficiency of sales personnel.

Synchronization with Office 365 and Salesforce: The ability of ZoomIQ to integrate with systems like Office 365 and Salesforce has been well-received. Such integration promotes effortless teamwork and straightforward retrieval of vital client information, thus enriching the overall experience for users. By merging with renowned CRM platforms, ZoomIQ facilitates more effective handling of intricate data from dialogues, leading to improved predictions, a competitive advantage in deal closures, and enhanced sales outcomes.


Complex Interface: A number of users have pointed out that the interface of ZoomIQ is somewhat complex and not easy to grasp. This complexity hampers the ease of exploring its various features and capabilities, detracting from an ideal user experience.

Performance on Less Powerful Systems: Instances of the application crashing on lower-powered systems have been reported by users.


What is Zoom IQ for Sales Now Called Zoom Revenue Accelerator?

Zoom IQ for Sales or Zoom Revenue Accelerator is an advanced artificial intelligence (AI) tool designed to revolutionize the way sales teams engage with their customers and prospects during virtual meetings. This innovative solution harnesses the power of AI to analyze and extract valuable insights from sales meetings conducted on the Zoom platform. Its primary objective is to help sales professionals optimize their interactions, improve their sales pitches, and ultimately close deals more effectively.

One of the key features of Zoom IQ for Sales is its ability to analyze the questions asked during a sales meeting and determine how frequently customers respond to these queries. This insight is invaluable for sales representatives as it helps them tailor their conversations and focus on topics that resonate with their audience. Additionally, the tool identifies the longest monologues within a meeting, allowing reps to refine their communication style and avoid dominating the conversation, which can be off-putting to customers.

Zoom IQ for Sales also assesses whether clear next steps are outlined during the meeting, ensuring that both the salesperson and the customer have a clear understanding of the path forward. It even gauges the patience of sales reps by determining whether they wait for responses after asking questions, promoting better conversational dynamics. Furthermore, the tool provides insights into the talk-listen balance, helping sales professionals ensure that there's an equitable distribution of speaking time, and it tags competitors and product features mentioned during the meeting, enabling deeper analysis of prospect concerns and competitive positioning. With sentiment and engagement scores, transcription highlights, filler word frequency, and talk speed analysis, Zoom IQ for Sales empowers sales teams to make data-driven decisions and enhance their sales strategies for greater success.

What are the Benefits of Zoom IQ?

The primary benefit of Zoom IQ its ability to harness artificial intelligence to analyze sales calls conducted through Zoom. By evaluating numerous aspects of customer interactions, it can provide real-time feedback and post-call analytics to sales representatives and managers. This means that sales teams can quickly identify what strategies and behaviors lead to successful outcomes and which ones do not. For instance, it might highlight that certain phrases or presentation styles correlate with higher closing rates. This level of insight can significantly accelerate revenue by enabling sales teams to refine their pitch, focus on the most promising leads, and replicate successful tactics across the board.

Moreover, sales leaders can track key performance indicators (KPIs) over time, identify trends, and make informed decisions about where to allocate resources for maximum impact. By providing a clear roadmap based on empirical data, such a tool empowers sales teams to prioritize effectively, streamline their sales process, and ultimately, shorten the sales cycle. This not only boosts revenue but also enhances the efficiency of the sales operation, leading to a better return on investment for your organization's sales efforts.

How Does Zoom IQ Work?

Zoom IQ is an advanced technology that operates by leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to analyze and extract valuable insights from Zoom meetings. When a sales meeting or webinar takes place on the Zoom platform, Zoom IQ for Sales actively listens to the audio and monitors the video content. It then processes this data in real-time, looking for specific patterns and markers within the conversation. For instance, it can detect the frequency and quality of questions asked, identify when a speaker dominates the discussion, and even tag mentions of competitors or product features. These insights are then transformed into actionable data points that sales professionals and teams can use to improve their sales strategies. With its ability to assess sentiment, engagement levels, transcription highlights, and more, Zoom IQ provides a comprehensive and data-driven analysis of virtual interactions, enabling sales teams to make informed decisions and enhance their customer engagement and sales performance.