Revolutionizing IT Solutions for Government Agencies

Cloud9 Data Solutions is dedicated to providing innovative IT solutions that are specifically designed for the unique challenges faced by the government industry. Trust us to deliver cutting-edge technology services, including UCaaS, contact center, cloud solutions, data analytics, and cybersecurity, that exceed your expectations and stay within your budget.


Solutions for Public Sector Agencies

Our comprehensive suite of IT solutions is designed to help public sector agencies stay connected, productive, and secure. Take advantage of our customized solutions and cutting-edge technology to transform your organization and achieve your goals.

IP telephony systems provide a comprehensive calling network integrated with your existing infrastructure.

Dedicated internet access, IP VPN, and SD-WAN solutions provide high-speed connectivity delivered on the largest, most secure networks.

Digital meetings, webinars, and virtual event solutions designed to comply with the stringent requirements of the Federal Government.

Data storage, computing, AI, and analytics solutions for Government agencies across all of the leading cloud providers.

Public Sector Agency Case Studies


Cloud9 Data provided NASA with a secure cloud webinar and digital event solution enabling online educational events for K12 students throughout the year.

State Park Organization

We recognize that an in-person field trip is not always possible, but for those who are close enough, how can we actually get students engaged and get them to the parks? Cloud9 Data helped set up a platform for students to get a live virtual experience prior to their visit.

US Military

The COVID-19 pandemic caused many healthcare providers to rethink how they engage with and treat patients. In response to these changes, a US Military branch built a telehealth application on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

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