Referral Agent Program

Want to earn easy passive income? We are easy to work with.

Who we typically work with:

  • Sales reps that are already selling software or other technology services to business customers with 50+ employees
  • Master agents
  • MSP's
  • AV vendors
  • Cybersecurity companies
  • Commercial property owners, tenant reps, or property managers

How it works:

Its simple. All that we need is an introduction meeting (15 minutes of your time) set up. We do everything after. Cloud9, of course, will only recommend or sell solutions that complement and integrate with what you are selling. If they purchase, we share with you 40% (60% for Cloud9) of the recurring profit from each sale.

It's extra income for you and your clients get value from complementary services and cost savings (win-win).

About Cloud9 Data

Cloud9 Data Solutions is a trusted advisor and leading technology broker (we're not a VAR or MSP) for business, universities, non-profits, and government agencies with over 50 employees.

How we help:

  • Guidance: Leverage the expertise of our 16+ technology experts, boasting over 36 IT certifications, to guide clients through a tailor-made solution for their business - all at absolutely no cost.
  • Easy Procurement & Cost Savings: With our extensive network of partnerships encompassing 200+ leading technology providers, we effortlessly simplify the procurement process and extend substantial discounts to clients.
  • Post-Sale Support: Beyond the purchase, our team stands ready to assist in solution implementation. Also, benefit from our exclusive access to escalation points of contact, a privilege not readily available to direct clients, ensuring swift issue resolution.

Service Offering:

  • Cloud Phone services and UCaaS
  • Contact Center & CX
  • Data Connectivity: Internet access, broadband, Layer 2, dark fiber, wireless, fixed wireless, SD-WAN
  • Cloud Solutions: Private, public, and hybrid cloud technologies
  • Cybersecurity: Data & application security, network security, managed firewall, endpoint security, cloud security.
  • Mobility & IoT solutions


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