Zoom Phone Empowers Gilead Sciences & Logitech to Revolutionize Telephony Strategies

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Zoom Phone Case Study

Forward-thinking IT leaders recognize the need to transition from outdated PBX systems to cloud-based communications solutions that support long-term business growth. Gilead Sciences and Logitech, both in need of new phone systems, sought out platforms offering flexibility and reliability for their mobile teams and hybrid work environments. The UCaaS solution that best met their requirements was Zoom Phone.

At this year’s Enterprise Connect, Kevin Atkin, Gilead Sciences’ Director of IT Collaboration, and Mike Barry, Logitech’s Head of Telecom, discussed their companies’ decisions to adopt Zoom Phone. They shared their stories of moving away from legacy telephony systems and the advantages of UCaaS.

Flexibility is crucial

Flexibility is crucial for Gilead Sciences, a global pharmaceutical company operating in over 35 countries. Gilead began working with Zoom in 2018, using the platform for consolidating their various meeting solutions for internal and external users. Atkin, director of IT collaboration at Gilead Sciences, noted that Zoom audio quality surpassed that of other platforms, leading the company to try Zoom Phone. Gilead has already deployed seven sites across the globe, leveraging carrier infrastructure they already had.

Zoom Phone was able to accommodate the migration of a variety users. Those that moved to Zoom phone as well as Bring Your Own Carrier. With Zoom’s BYOC feature, enterprise customers have the flexibility to keep their current PSTN service providers by redirecting existing voice circuits to the Zoom Phone cloud, or implementing a hybrid solution with Zoom Calling Plans.

Finally, the ability to integrate with Microsoft Teams was crucial for Gilead, as it allows for seamless escalation from a chat to a meeting or phone call.

Logitech chose Zoom phone for easier administration for its small telecom team and ease of use for its end users

Logitech, a multi-category company known for tools that facilitate interactions with personal computers and meeting rooms, had been searching for a new phone environment for three years. They were an early adopter of Zoom video communications and became interested in Zoom Phone. Barry said that the solution gave them a single solution for phone and video meetings, allowing for easier administration and use by end-users.

With Zoom’s help, Logitech migrated 48 global sites to Zoom Phone in under six months. Barry stressed the importance of the strong relationship his team has with Zoom, which allows for feature requests to be met quickly. Zoom Phone’s ability to transfer calls to video calls easily has impressed Logitech’s users.


Zoom Phone, with over 2 million paid seats, was recognized as a Leader in Gartner’s UCaaS Magic Quadrant category, in the first year of eligibility.

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