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A Contact Center that is Agile, Fully-Equipped, and Empowered by AI

RingCX helps you streamline the intricacies of providing exceptional customer service by implementing an agile, budget-friendly, AI-driven contact center solution hosted in the cloud.




RingCX Customers

ringcx customers

What is RingCX

RingCX is a user and budget friendly solution that seamlessly integrates RingCentral's leading unified communications features (including messaging, video, phone, and text SMS) with a contact center, all enhanced by generative AI capabilities. This creates an AI-focused, next-generation solution that offers a comprehensive native omnichannel experience, revolutionizing customer interactions across multiple touch-points.

RingCX Key Features

Omnichannel CX Experiences

  • Facilitates seamless customer experiences across both inbound and outbound voice interactions, spanning over 20 digital channels, encompassing email, SMS, live chat, and messaging applications, with the capability to swiftly elevate to video for more immersive conversations. Intelligent skills-based routing ensures efficient distribution of interactions. RingCX further supports predictive, progressive, and preview modes for outbound calls.
  • Unified business intelligence analytics and management streamline operations for administrators and supervisors, offering omnichannel administration, real-time dashboard customization, and comprehensive historical reporting, including access to over 200 pre-built reports.
RingCX omnichannel

AI Powered Transcriptions, Summaries, & Conversational Insights

  • Intelligent Virtual Agents enabling swift customer inquiry resolution through both voice and digital channels, at the customers' preferred time.
  • With RingSenseTM AI, real-time transcription and post-call summaries eliminate the need for agents to jot down notes or record action items during customer interactions. This allows agents to focus more on meaningful customer conversations. The transcripts and action items seamlessly integrate with CRM systems, simplifying post-call customer management, documentation, ensuring compliance, and enabling thorough analysis.
  • Real-time AI-driven agent assistance guides agents through customer interactions, ensuring they provide the best possible support, ultimately enhancing the customer experience. This also results in reduced agent training needs and attrition rates.

Powerful Workforce Management Tools

RingSenseTM AI offers native AI-driven Quality Management and Conversation Analytics, delivering ongoing support to agents during every call. Additionally, it automates post-call scoring, coaching, and performance evaluations for supervisors.

Furthermore, through integration with Calabrio, RingCX provides access to advanced workforce management tools and other workforce engagement management products, encompassing agent scheduling and forecasting capabilities.

RingCX Workforce Management
Teams direct routing integrations

CRM Integrations

RingCX includes pre-configured CRM integrations with platforms like Salesforce and Zendesk, leveraging RingCentral's open platform with an extensive set of APIs. This seamless integration between your business systems eliminates data silos and promotes improved business outcomes.

RingCX Pricing

RingCX is available with a named agent or concurrent agent licensing starting at $75/month.

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John W.
John W.
Contact Center Manager

What do you like about Ring Central CX Contact Center?


Ease of Navigation: The platform is user-friendly, providing a seamless experience even for individuals unfamiliar with contact center applications. With an intuitive interface, well-crafted design, and thorough help documentation, it is accessible to all.

Cost-Effective Solution: Particularly for small enterprises, the RingCentral Contact Center is a budget-friendly option. With no initial fees and reasonable monthly subscriptions, it provides an affordable alternative without compromising on quality.

Scalability: As your business expands, RingCentral Contact Center efficiently scales to meet your changing needs. Whether you require additional users or need to choose from an array of plans ranging from basic to advanced, it offers flexibility and choice.

Beyond these, it boasts a spectrum of features, including but not limited to inbound and outbound calling, call queues, IVR, chat, video conferencing, and robust reporting and analytics. Such features empower businesses, enhancing customer service, driving sales, and boosting overall productivity.


However, despite its merits, there are areas where RingCentral Contact Center could improve:

Reporting and Analytics Enhancement: While helpful, the current reporting and analytics tool could offer more in-depth data on call metrics, customer satisfaction levels, and agent performance, providing a more comprehensive overview.

Expanded Customization: Although customization options are available, they are somewhat restrictive in certain areas. For instance, interface aesthetics and adding custom fields to the contact database are non-negotiable, limiting personalization.


Greg O.
Greg O.
Support Supervisor

Excellent Contact Center software!

Really great software, easy to run and implement, agents loves it and accurate dashboard with full information about performance.


Reports are so easy to run, accurate data and fast response.


Interface, could be better, needs to refresh and be more dynamics.


What Sets RingCX Apart from Other Contact Center Platforms?

  • Budget Friendly Pricing without sacrificing features or quality. A single, comprehensive package with unlimited inbound and outbound calling.
  • Seamless Customer Journeys - Facilitate uninterrupted omnichannel conversations spanning voice, over 20 digital channels, and AI-powered self-service options.
  • AI for All - From self-service bots to real-time agent coaching and automated call insights, RingCX efficiently enhances experiences for customers, agents, and supervisors alike.
  • Effortless Agent Experiences - Elevate productivity and accelerate onboarding by equipping hybrid agents with a remarkably simple AI-assisted omnichannel desktop.
  • Agile Omnichannel Operations - Effortlessly self-manage, streamline, and unify voice and digital operations while benefiting from cross-channel insights for both customers and agents.