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Zoom Phone is a cloud VoIP phone system for businesses of all sizes. Supercharge your communications. Get a business phone system with enhanced features, yet easy to use, to help your organization communicate more efficiently, reliably, and affordably.


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Zoom Phone System Advantages

Whether your users are remote, back in the office, or in a hybrid work environment, Zoom Phone can be tailored to the specific needs of your agency with a range of calling plans and international calling capabilities. Want to keep your existing carrier? No problem, it can integrate with existing carrier services almost anywhere in the world.

With a cloud-based phone system, your provider takes care of all the maintenance and updates, so you can focus on running your business.

  • Affordable plans at predictable costs
  • Reduced hardware costs
  • Fast, easy deployment and administration
  • Extensive PBX phone features such as call recording, caller ID, call routing, voice mail, and more
  • Integration with 3rd party software such as Salesforce & Slack
  • Scales easy
  • Use your existing phone numbers
  • Make and receive calls on any device - perfect for today's hybrid workforce
  • No IT expertise needed
  • International coverage - 40+ countries
  • Video conferencing

A Flexibl Business VoIP Cloud Phone Service

  • Make and receive phone calls, share content, participate in web meetings, and send chat messages from Zoom desktop and mobile apps
  • Easily boost phone calls to a Zoom Meeting without requiring participants to disconnect
  • Initiate or receive phone calls from any device - perfect for hybrid work
  • Voice messages are automatically transcribed
  • Users can define time-of-day call handling on an individual basis
Zoom VoIP Phone Pricing

Easy to Administer

A single, powerful, admin panel provides easy administration from any location.

  • Add and remove users and assign phone numbers
  • Provision and assign devices (desk phones) for those that need them
  • Monitor call quality and usage
  • Create IVRs, auto attendants, and call queues with point-and-click simplicity
  • E911 support

Over 4,000,000 Zoom Phone Seats

Going from zero to 4 million seats sold in 3.5 years is a testament to Zoom Phone’s ability to meet customer requirements, gain trust in the broader Zoom platform, and help businesses to evolve to a modern cloud communications platform.

Zoom One Pricing - Business Plus & Enterprise

Zoom One Business & Enterprise

Zoom One Business Plus and Enterprise is a  new bundle package. Zoom One helps you provide a flexible work environment, consolidate your tech stack, and simplify how you support your teams and customers.

  • Virtual Meetings
  • Team chat & instant messaging
  • Digital whiteboard
  • Cloud PBX phone system
  • Email and calendar

Zoom Phone Pricing

Our scale and volume with providers have their advantages. One is being in a negotiation position where we champion preferential rates for our clientele. Contact us for volume discounts.

US & Canada Metered

Pay As You Go


+ Additional fees for outbound calls.

Contact us for plan options and discounts

US & Canada Unlimited

Unlimited Regional Calling


+ Additional fees for int'l calls.

Contact us for plan options and discounts


Pro Global Select

Choose from 40+ Countries


Contact us for plan options and discounts

What is Zoom Phone?

Zoom Phone is a feature-rich VoIP Cloud phone system for businesses of all sizes.

It has all of features that you would find on a PBX are all accessible and streamlined to create a better experience than is available through a traditional landline calling system.

Further, it enables people to work from anywhere, from any device, making flexible work possible. End users love how they can collaborate via chat, phone, whiteboard, and video, and administrators love how easy it is to manage communications from a single web portal.

Is Zoom Phone Different From Zoom?

Zoom Phone is a Cloud-based PBX or telephone system vs. traditional Zoom Meetings which is a web and video conference tool.

The two products are fully integrated and are accessed through the same easy-to-use user interface. Also, Phone calls can be elevated to a Zoom Meeting without hanging up.

Does Zoom have a VoIP Service?

Yes. Zoom Phone is VoIP phone system to use for making and receiving voice calls. It has all of the expected features of a business PBX.


Do I need a physical desk phone for Zoom VoIP Phone?

No. VoIP phone service can be used digitally through the Zoom desktop or mobile application. Otherwise, you can use any traditional desktop phone as long as it is compatible with VoIP. Zoom also offers a phone hardware as a service option that lets you obtain the latest hardware on a subscription basis, with very low upfront costs.

Can I keep my phone number?

Yes. Zoom Phone supports porting your existing phone number that you currently use. Or you can get a new business phone number if you choose.


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