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Zoom Webinars is different than other webinar solutions because of the incredible quality, reliability, scalability, audience engagement, and affordability.

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Why Zoom Webinar

Easy to Set Up & Join

Host can set up engaging webinars in minutes. Attendees can easily join via an intuitive user interface they already know and love.

Peak Engagement

Zoom Webinars includes features that promote audience engage including; Q&A, polls, chat, raise hand, surveys, music, and more.


Host webinars with up to 50,000 attendees with confidence. Over 300,000 companies trust Zoom. 87% say Zoom has superior reliability 92% say Zoom has superior quality,

Zoom Webinar Features

zoom webinar chat
zoom webinar engagement

Chat and Q&A

Engage your audience with chat and Q&A panels. After your webinar download responses and a full transcript.

Your Branding

Promote your brand. Hosts can customize each webinar with your logo, colors, wallpaper, virtual backgrounds, and more.


Attendees can provide instant feedback during a webinar through interactive simulating the energy at an in-person presentation.

zoom webinar recording
zoom webinar integrations

Smart Recordings

HD quality recording with transcripts. A.I. generated transcripts and chapters makes recordings more searchable and digestible.

Polls & Quizzes

Include a poll or quiz in your webinars for instant audience feedback.


Zoom webinar integrates with popular third-party CRM applications, games, and training content.

Zoom Webinar Pricing

Zoom Webinars

Zoom Sessions

Zoom Events

Used for single, larger, one-to-many presentations

Starts at $57/month

  • Scales up to 50,000 attendees
  • 100+ presenters, up to 49 displayed on screen at once
  • Custom branding
  • Practice sessions
  • Engagement Features: Chat, Q&A, polls, quizzes
  • Reporting & analytics
  • Add-ons: Translated captions, added cloud storage, and event services

Supercharge your single-session webinars with bonus branding and attendee experience features

Starts at $79/month

Zoom Webinar features plus:

  • Enhanced reporting
  • Premium registration pages with branding & ticketing capabilities
  • Host simulive Webinars - deliver pre-recorded content to live attendees
  • Event resources: Calls-to-action, speaker bios, photo, and downloadable resources
  • Chat, Q&A, polls, quizzes
  • Multiple hosts
  • Event hubs to organize webinars and recordings in one place

Host multi-session and multi-day virtual and hybrid events

Starts at $120/month

Zoom Sessions features plus:

  • Multiple day events with concurrent sessions
  • Exhibitor booths to display content and engage with booth reps
  • Virtual networking
  • Connect in-person and virtual attendees for hybrid events
  • Premium video production, streaming, and branding

Optionnal Zoom Webinar Add-Ons

Added Host

Starts at $650/year

Hosts are able to create, modify, and publish webinars and events.

Add Co-Editor

Starts at $650/year

Co-editors can edit a host's event content but they can't create their own event

Managed Services


Our team of experts can help plan, build, and execute Zoom webinars and events.

Zoom eCDN


Mitigates network bandwidth congestion on large internal events within the same corporate network

Captions with Translations

Starts at $50/year

Automated text captions translated into supported languages (webinars only)

Additional Storage

Starts at $120/year

Store webinar recordings in Zoom cloud. Storage options up to 5TB/month

Event Services & Production

Our services team can help you plan, build, and execute flawless webinars, virtual, and hybrid events.

  • Dedicated event manager
  • Event planning & best practices
  • Event set up support
  • Speaker training & preparation
  • Live day event monitoring & support
Event services

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Zoom Webinar FAQ's


How Much Does it Cost to Host a Webinar on Zoom?

Zoom webinar pricing starts at $57/month for the basic plan that allows up to 100 attendees. There are additional attendee capacity tiers to choose from ranging up to 50,000 attendees.

Zoom webinar pricing options offer a versatile and cost-effective solution for bringing people together virtually and creating engaging online events.

Do I have to Pay to Use Zoom Webinar?

Yes, Zoom Meetings has a free plan, however, Zoom Webinar is available as a paid plan only.

What is the Difference  Between Zoom Meeting and a Zoom Webinar?

Zoom Meetings are designed for smaller collaborative discussions where all participants can turn on audio and video for a group discussion. Webinars are designed for larger one-to-many presentations where attendees are on mute. Questions can be submitted through chat or a Q&A panel. Also, Zoom Webinar scales higher up to 50,000 attendees per meeting.

What is the Limit for Zoom Webinar?

With Zoom Webinars, you have the capability to host webinars with an audience of up to 50,000 attendees. The maximum number of view-only participants depends on the scale of your webinar license, which commences with a capacity of 500 participants and can be expanded to accommodate as many as 50,000 participants.

What Happens When Zoom Webinar Reaches Capacity?

Upon reaching its maximum capacity, a meeting will prompt joining participants with a dialog box indicating that the meeting has achieved the highest permissible number of participants. It further clarifies that entry can only occur once existing participants depart, thereby creating space for new attendees.