Zoom Contact Center Relase Notes

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Current Release Notes

December 2023

Administrative Capabilities

  • Transcript Downloading for Chat and SMS
    Administrators and account holders now have the ability to download chat and SMS transcripts as text files. This feature is useful for storing these transcripts externally or for analyzing them for quality control, such as evaluating customer sentiment post-interaction. Administrators can also manage who has the rights to access and delete these transcripts. The transcripts are uniformly formatted, including essential details like time stamps, names of customers and agents, and markers for system-generated messages.
  • Refinements to the Primary Admin Interface
    The primary administrative tables in the Zoom web portal are undergoing significant improvements for a more uniform appearance and functionality. These upgrades, affecting most main menu items, include renaming columns, customizable column sequences, sorting features, and the introduction of more dynamic buttons and color-coded indicators. User experience is further enhanced by more responsive information pop-ups.
  • Integration of Facebook Private Messaging
    Zoom Contact Center now allows the integration of Facebook business pages, enabling agents and supervisors to exchange private messages via Facebook through the Zoom client. This feature is exclusive to the Premium and Elite tiers.
  • Progressive Dialer for Outbound Calls
    Administrators can now set up lists for outbound calls, with the system automatically dialing numbers and connecting calls to available agents. An option to leave a preset voicemail is also available if the call reaches a voicemail system. This progressive dialer is designed to boost agent productivity by reducing idle time between calls, ideal for situations requiring minimal research between calls. This feature requires the Premium or Elite Zoom Contact Center package.
  • Automated Voicemail Distribution
    Voicemails can now be automatically assigned to agents, streamlining the distribution process based on predefined rules. This reduces the need for manual sorting and ensures prompt voicemail responses.
  • Enhanced ServiceNow CTI Connector Settings
    The configuration for the ServiceNow CTI connector in the Zoom admin portal has been made more flexible and user-friendly. Enhancements include clearer status indicators for each channel's configuration and more refined search options for both caller and context, utilizing extension numbers, global, and custom variables, in addition to phone numbers.
  • Custom Virtual Backgrounds for Queues
    Administrators can now set specific virtual backgrounds for different contact center queues. Agents in these queues will automatically have these backgrounds, allowing for a branded customer interaction experience.
  • Flow Editor Navigation and Zoom Improvements
    The flow editor now features enhanced zoom and navigation capabilities, allowing administrators to easily view and edit complex flows.
  • Chat Invitation Placement Customization in Campaigns
    The placement of chat invitations on websites can now be customized for each campaign, with options for positioning at the bottom right or left of the page. This customization aims to improve user engagement by strategically placing chat invitations.
  • Callback Confirmation via Keypress
    A keypress confirmation option for voice queue callbacks is now available, allowing customization of the confirmation key, enhancing the user experience during these interactions.
  • Inbound Support for Email (Office 365) Channel
    Integration with Office 365 for email support is now available, enabling the management of customer emails through Zoom Contact Center. This feature is available with the Premium or Elite package.
  • New Zoom Contact Center Packages
    Two new packages, Zoom Contact Center Premium and Elite, are introduced for named licenses. These packages offer flexibility in creating tailored solutions, with additional features like Workforce Engagement Management Suite and AI Expert Assist available as add-ons.
  • Full-Page Web Chat for Mobile
    A full-page chat option for mobile apps is now available, directing users to a dedicated chat page, configurable within Campaign Management.
  • Customizable Queue Overflow Disconnect Prompts
    Administrators can now customize disconnect prompts for queue overflows with different audio files and languages, enhancing the localized experience.
  • System Audio Message Enhancements
    Agents will receive audio messages explaining the reason for unsuccessful outbound calls, based on SIP response codes, improving their understanding of call outcomes.
  • Display of Caller Name
    The caller's name will now be displayed to the agent upon answering a voice call, even without an address book match, using information from the SIP header or CNAM database.
  • Disposition Options for Failed Outbound Calls
    Agents can now mark and categorize failed outbound calls, providing a consistent approach to handling both successful and unsuccessful calls.

Agent and End User Enhancements

  • Improved Inbound Notifications
    Agents receive enhanced notifications with relevant consumer context, improving their efficiency and responsiveness.
  • Advanced Contact Search
    The contact search functionality has been significantly improved, supporting searches by name, phone number, or email, and offering better sorting and result display.
  • AI Companion for Zoom Contact Center
    The AI Companion feature is now part of Zoom Contact Center, available with an Elite license. It offers engagement summaries, real-time speech metrics, sentiment analysis, and suggested follow-up actions.
  • AI Expert Assist
    This feature assists agents in real-time by providing quick access to information, auto-generating interaction summaries, and suggesting relevant knowledge base articles. It requires an Elite license or an add-on to basic and premium packages.
  • Enhanced Waiting Room Drop-In
    Supervisors can now transfer consumers from a video waiting room to a different queue, flow, or agent, enhancing management flexibility.
  • These updates and enhancements aim to streamline administrative tasks, improve agent efficiency, and enhance the overall user experience in Zoom Contact Center.

November 2023

Administrative Enhancements

  • Multi-Language Voicemail Prompt Expansion
    Zoom Contact Center now supports additional languages for voicemail and recording transcripts, including default audio prompts for voicemails.
  • Customizable Messages for Missed Outbound Calls
    Administrators can now tailor detailed messages for unanswered outbound calls, providing agents with clearer instructions and context for next steps. This enhancement aims to streamline the outbound calling process and reduce agent uncertainty.
  • Refined Wallboard Access Control
    Enhanced control over wallboard permissions is now available, allowing for more specific access restrictions to individual wallboards. This update enhances security and flexibility in managing sensitive data displayed on wallboards.
  • Direct Chat Transcript Saving to Salesforce or Zendesk
    Agents using Salesforce or Zendesk integrations can now automatically save chat transcripts to a customer's record. This eliminates the need for manual transcript transfers, ensuring comprehensive customer interaction records.
  • Movable Chat Invitations
    A new feature allows consumers to reposition chat invitations on a webpage, offering greater convenience and less interference with their browsing experience.
  • Advanced Website Data Collection
    Enhanced APIs now enable the collection of more comprehensive website DOM data, including data from ShadowDOM. These improvements allow for more detailed data retrieval from web pages.
  • Simultaneous Call Alerts in Queues
    For voice or video queues, simultaneous alerting is now available, notifying all available agents simultaneously for each new engagement.
  • Condition Widget Upgrades
    The Condition widget now includes options to filter queue data based on specific skills, offering more targeted data handling.
  • Region-Based User Organization
    Administrators can now organize users by region and apply specific voice routing settings, without needing to request activation from Zoom.
  • User Management via SCIM Protocol
    The System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM) protocol is now supported for user provisioning, streamlining the creation and management of contact center users.
  • Access to Consumer Engagement History
    Supervisors and agents can view past consumer engagements, with role-based access controls for viewing sensitive consumer history information.
  • Persistent Skills During Engagements
    Skill values provided by consumers are now retained throughout the engagement, even when transferred between queues, ensuring continuity in skill-based routing.
  • Real-Time Wallboard Updates
    Wallboards can now display real-time agent statuses, including availability across different groups or queues, aiding in efficient management.
  • Customizable Video Callback SMS Numbers
    Administrators can independently update SMS numbers for video meeting callbacks, offering greater flexibility.
  • Multilingual Speech-to-Text for Voice Keywords
    Speech-to-text for voice keywords is now available in multiple languages, enhancing voice flow keyword recognition.

Agent and End User Feature Enhancements

  • Improved Contact Search Functionality
    Significant improvements in the contact search interface for outbound calls and transfers enhance user experience across voice and messaging channels.
  • Direct Calling Between Contact Center and Zoom Phone
    Agents using CTI connectors (Salesforce, ServiceNow, Zendesk, Microsoft Dynamics 365) can now directly call or transfer calls to Zoom Phone users, streamlining communication.
  • Enforced Queue Selection for Messaging Transfers
    Agents transferring messaging engagements must select an appropriate queue if the recipient is part of multiple messaging queues.
  • Enhanced Video Session Leave Button
    The leave button for video sessions has been improved for a smoother exit process for consumers using browsers or kiosks.
  • Extended Display Time in Completed Engagements Tab
    Engagements now remain visible in the Completed Engagements tab for 12 hours post-engagement, ensuring visibility for longer-duration interactions.
  • Zendesk CTI Connector Setting Updates
    For Zendesk CTI connector users, new settings allow for displaying the latest ticket or user profile with a list of related open tickets, enhancing ticket management.

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